Why Fall is the PERFECT Time to Schedule Maintenance on Your Home’s A/C and Heating System

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Fall Maintenanc - Why Fall is the PERFECT Time to Schedule Maintenance on Your Home’s A/C and Heating System

School’s back in session, LSU and the Saints are playing football again, the temperatures are (slightly) cooler, and before you know it, kids will be in your neighborhood trick-or-treating. 

You know what that means, right? 

It’s time for you to schedule fall maintenance on your A/C system!

Why You Need a Check Up This Fall On Your Northshore Home’s Heating and Air System

Some homeowners in Hammond and St. Tammany Parish only call us when they’re experiencing a heating or air conditioning emergency. And as Murphy’s law predicts, your heater is likely to go out during a cold snap when we’re booked with appointments for emergency repairs. Likewise, air conditioners have a tendency to go kaput in the middle of a heatwave, when you need them blasting cool air in your house the most!

Scheduling fall maintenance helps us diagnose any potential issues you may have this season, as well as extend the life of your heater and air conditioner by properly cleaning them and topping off fluid levels. During a fall maintenance appointment, an experienced heating and air specialist from Three Rivers Services will:

  • Test your home’s heater and air conditioner to make sure they are functioning properly
  • Professionally clean your heater and air conditioners of any dirt and debris
  • Top off all fluid levels
  • Diagnose any issues you may have that either need immediate attention, or are likely to cause bigger problems later in the season

Knowledge is power, and knowing that your A/C system might soon go out lets you fix the problem before it occurs, or start stashing away cash to repair the issue so it can be addressed sooner rather than later.

Yes, You Still Need to Check Your Home’s A/C System Even When the Temperatures Are Dropping

We just made it through a hot and humid Southeastern Louisiana summer. That means your air conditioner has been working overtime, and you need to have it inspected to make sure it didn’t sustain any damage or excessive wear and tear this summer.

Also, we all know that the Northshore is known for its mild falls and winters. While we’re hearing reports of snowstorms in the Northeast, we might be blasting our AC’s on Thanksgiving Day and looking for our Christmas trees in short sleeved shirts and shorts. You don’t want to risk your home’s AC not working properly when you will likely need it to cool your home at least some of the days this fall and winter.

Find Out if You Need a New A/C System

While Northshore homeowners can expect their heaters and air conditioners to last around a decade, eventually they will need to be replaced. 

If your system is on it’s last leg, it’s better to schedule a new install before the temperatures drop too low, or next spring rolls around, so that we can get your new system installed ASAP.

Special Financing Available on Select New Installations for Qualifying Northshore Homeowners

We know the holiday season is coming soon, and that all your extra money is likely going to Thanksgiving dinner, presents under the Christmas tree, and travel plans to visit family. Finding out you need your heater or air conditioner replaced this season can be an unpleasant surprise to your pocket book. 

But at Three Rivers Services, we work with financing partners so we can offer qualifying homeowners 0% financing on select new products for up to 72 months (that’s 6 years!). A simple credit check will let you know if you qualify, and if you do, you’ll never pay a single penny in interest over the 6 year loan so long as you make all your monthly payments on time.

Contact Three Rivers Services to Schedule Your Fall Maintenance

A visit from us can prevent a heating or air conditioning emergency later this season. Give us at (985) 202-1206 to schedule your system’s Fall maintenance and/or to get a free estimate on a new system today!