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Enjoy a piping hot shower and save the Earth at the same time with an efficient water heater. Three Rivers Services installs tankless or on demand water heaters in Mandeville, Covington, Slidell and the entire Northshore. Call today for a free estimate.

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice, hot shower? Whether you’re getting ready for work in the morning or relaxing after a long day, that cascade of water can reinvigorate your system and improve your outlook.

What you might not realize while you’re singing your favorite tunes in the shower is just how much water you’re consuming.

The average shower in the United States uses a little over 17 gallons. That’s a lot of water to run through your tank and heat up. Thankfully, there’s a way to stay fresh and earth-friendly.

Tankless or on-demand water heaters were designed to reduce energy consumption.

These water heaters offer homeowners many benefits including efficiency, durability, and sustainability.

They’re Efficient to Run and Maintain

Tankless water heaters are also called on demand heaters. This name is fitting as it gives you insight into how the devices work.

They are truly on demand because they only heat water when it’s necessary. This means that unless you’re running the dishwasher or filling the bathtub, the heater is not circulating or warming water.

This function is quite different from tank heaters, which are constantly heating and refilling water inside the receptacle. This constant-operation system may lead to wasteful and costly standby heat loss.

Tankless water heaters use a heat exchanger to raise the temperature of the circulating water. As the water flows in, it activates the exchanger and warms up.

Finally, you’ll find that many of these heaters use less space than traditional tank heaters and have lower operating costs.

They’re Durable and Adaptable

Here’s another point for tankless water heaters—they typically last five to ten years longer than traditional water heaters. That’s certainly some extra mileage for your investment.

Combine the longer lifespan with energy saving costs, and you’ve got some added wiggle-room in your budget.

A lot can be said for the adaptability of these devices. Some of the highlights include the flexibility of installation.

Thanks to their small size, you can install them closer to your point of use (for example, the kitchen or laundry room) or in other areas like on walls, in closets or under cabinets.

Even if you’re not ready to part with your traditional heater, you can still reap the benefits of a tankless version. Use one to supplement your primary tank and enjoy hot water without lag times.

With electric, natural gas and propane options, you’ll find the right heater to suit your home and budget.

An added bonus? Many versions come with remote controls for a modern Jetsons-like feel.

They Make it Easy to Go Green

Living sustainably is a concern for many homeowners today. Even if you make earth-friendly choices every day, you’ll still need water to take a shower, wash your clothes and clean your dishes.

With a tankless hot water heater, you don’t have to choose between sustainability and convenience.

Tankless heaters conserve resources by only heating water when it’s necessary and reducing standby heat loss. This conservation results in major savings for you and your family.

According to the United States Department of Energy, tankless water heaters can reduce your energy bill by as much as 50 percent, depending on how much water you use a day. For the greatest savings, look for models backed by Energy Star.

Overall, these heaters make an excellent complement to an earth-friendly lifestyle.

Three Rivers Sells and Installs Tankless Water Heaters

Three Rivers Services has been helping North Shore families live comfortably and efficiently since 1979.

We love to help families find options for everything from heating their indoor air to their shower water. To learn more about tankless water heaters in Covington and Mandeville, LA, give us a call at (985) 892-7071 for a free consultation.

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