HVAC Systems for Custom Home Builds

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Have you decided to take the plunge and custom build your dream home in Hammond, St. Tammany Parish or anywhere else on the Northshore? If so, what an exciting time for you. You’re literally bringing your dreams to life - and you get to live in them as your forever home!

Or, are you helping a client build the home they’ve always wanted? We can help you, too!

As you know, there are several elements of custom homebuilding that homeowners must consider. And one important area of building a new home from scratch - especially when you live in a place as hot and humid as Southeastern Louisiana - is deciding on your heating and A/C system needs and appliances.

Finding Heating and Air Appliances that Fit Your Family’s Unique Needs

Building your own home opens the doors of opportunities, especially when it comes to selecting the heating and air appliances that will determine how comfortable your family feels in your home during the hottest point of Northshore summers, and the cold snaps we feel in the winter.

The great news is, you don’t have to go with “builder grade” items. At Three Rivers Services, we’ve worked with several Northshore custom homebuilders to solve their families’ unique heating and air conditioning needs. And we can help you find the right solutions, too.

Your HVAC System Options for Your Northshore Custom-Built Dream Home

It goes without saying that you want a centralized AC and heating system. After all, it’s practically a necessity when you live on the Northshore! As Trane Comfort Specialists, we can offer you a variety of AC systems from this well-loved and homeowner favorite brand, as well as top-notch furnaces.

But our work doesn’t stop there.

When working with customers who are custom building their homes, we do our best to understand the layout of their new home and what each space will be used for. We also work to learn how the home’s positioning from the morning’s sunrise to the evening’s sunset will affect different spaces in your home.

Oftentimes, we find that the best way to keep everyone comfortable is to install mini-split heat pumps in certain rooms that will be heavily used and occupied when the sun is shining down on them the most. These newer appliances work in two, polar opposite ways. When it’s hot, they push out your room’s hot air to the outside, thus lowering your space’s indoor air temperature. But when cold snaps hit, mini-split heat pumps reverse action and suck up all the warmth they can from the outside air, and deliver it inside to keep you and your family nice and cozy.

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Selecting the Best WiFi Thermostat to Make Your Custom Home a Smart Home

We find that most Northshore homeowners who are custom building their homes want to take advantage of the latest technology available with WiFi thermostats. And we couldn’t agree with them more on the benefit of this technological investment.

The best aspect of WiFi thermostats is that they allow you to remotely set the temperature in your home. If you’re away during the day, you turn down the AC so you don’t use up unnecessary energy cooling a home that nobody’s in. A few hours before you plan to arrive home, log into your WiFi thermostat app to crank up the AC, so it’ll be cool and comfy when you get home.

At Three River Services, we’re knowledgeable and experienced with all major WiFi thermostat solutions. After understanding what other home automation technology you may be planning to use in your new, custom home, we can suggest a WiFi thermostat that best fits your homes technological ecosystem.

Areas We Serve

We know there are several beautiful places throughout the Northshore to build a custom home. Specifically, we provide heating and air services in the following cities:

Specific locations we operate in include:

  • Mandeville
  • Madisonville
  • Covington
  • Abita Springs
  • Ponchatoula
  • Hammond

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