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Some people think because we live in the South they can limp by in the cooler months with only space heaters & extra blankets. However, Louisiana experiences some pretty cool temperatures dips in the winter, and depending on multiple layers of clothing to keep you warm while you’re indoors is not only uncomfortable but can make you sick!

Stay warm & healthy during the cold winter months by trusting Three Rivers Services to install a dependable furnace in your Covington or Mandeville area home.

Choosing a Quality Furnace

Having a high quality furnace in your home, yes even in Southeastern Louisiana, isn’t just about keeping you warm and cozy. Heating your home actually helps protect your home’s plumbing system from freezing and ice damage, control mold growth and prevent allergy flare-ups.

To provide the best quality product to our customers, Three Rivers Services exclusively installs Trane furnaces. As certified Trane Comfort Specialists, we will help you choose from their incredible furnace options including:

-Traditional gas furnaces, which convert gas to heat, helping to warm up your home while keeping your utility bills lower;

-Heat pumps, which are an excellent solution for homeowners who have no access to natural gas;

-Geothermal systems, a particularly environmentally friendly option that transfers heat from beneath the earth’s surface into your home.

If you’re in the market for a new furnace and are unsure of which type will be right for your home, call us for expert advice!

Selecting Three Rivers Services – A Quality Furnace Installer

Purchasing and installing a furnace is one of the biggest investments you can make in your home. Yet, only a third of the cost is the furnace itself. The majority of the costs of a new furnace come from choosing a warranty to protect your purchase, and the installation costs.

With all this money on the line, you need to choose a quality furnace installer you can trust. Three Rivers Services has been installing furnaces in the Northshore area since 1979. You can count on us to have the skill, product knowledge, and professionalism you need. Call us today for a quote or to schedule an installation.

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