Rebates, 0% Financing, and Summer Weather Well, it took a little longer than usual but the severe summer weather is finally here! Meaning, it was 80℉ at 5:00a.m. summer-is-here! That alone should encourage all South Louisianians  to ensure that their air conditioners are well. However, did you know that now is the perfect time because
Louisiana Starts Phase 1. But First, Severe Weather! Three Rivers Services hopes that you, your family, and your friends/neighbors are all safe and dry this morning! We are here for you. As a family owned and operated business here on the Northshore, it has been our goal to provide our customers with the information they
              Calling all ghouls and gals – Halloween will be here before you know it! Soon, you’ll be carving jack-o-lanterns, sneaking pieces of candy corn when no one’s looking, and your neighborhood’s streets will be filled with children dressed as ghosts and goblins with the goal of filling up
If you have a high school or college age sibling, family member or friend who hasn’t yet decided on a career path, we’d like to meet them! Three Rivers Air & Heat has internships and openings available for young adults including high school seniors who may be interested in a career in the heating and
With the start of the new year, it’s time to start anew on a better, healthier 2017. While many start by looking at their diets, finances or state of their careers, here’s an unlikely place to start that could have enormous benefits on your home and family: your home’s air. You may think you’re doing
It’s wintertime in south Louisiana. While it may not be as cold here as other parts of the state, it can still get chilly enough to be unpleasant. Also, most of our holidays are in the winter, making it a prime time for visiting with families and friends. Thus, you’ll find many families in Louisiana
It’s that time of year again when many businesses attempt to make any remaining large (and tax write-off-eligible) purchases before the new year begins. If you’re one of those businesses, then this time of year is particularly attractive to purchase and install a new heating system. The following is a quick guide to choosing the
There are some out there whose favorite season is wintertime. (You can usually find such folks living up north, unsurprisingly.) There’s something about winter weather – the cold, the snow and gray skies – that reminds some people of nature and what it must have been like before modern conveniences such as heating and insulation.