We spent the last few months going between using our air conditioning units and our heaters. But those days of intense, unending heat and humidity are just around the corner. With those days almost here, no one wants their air conditioner under-performing! If your air conditioner isn’t working up to par, here are some things
Part of Three Rivers Services commitment to our customers is our Maintenance Agreement Program. In order to get your air conditioner ready for the summer, we perform a comprehensive, multipoint Spring Checkup. Below are just four of the twenty services included. #1 – Clean the Outdoor Condenser  As Jacob Dominguez explains, one of the first
It’s impossible to not know that the coronavirus and the illness it produces, COVID-19, is everywhere! With testing resources having been limited, there is almost no doubt that the disease has been circulating in our community for weeks (since at least Mardi Gras break from the latest reports). And don’t forget, influenza is still present,
Coronavirus is spreading quickly and is now here in St. Tammany Parish. With some people appearing to overreact, others appearing to underreact, it’s hard to know what to think. Here at Three Rivers Services we want to make sure that you have the most ACCURATE information to help keep you and your family safe! About
Last week, Nick Trachina described what happens during an HVAC system repair consultation. Today, Hayden Haynes explains what to expect when one of our comfort specialists comes to replace your air conditioning system. Replacing your system is a huge (and scary) expense; therefore, we here at Three River Services want to make sure that you
Our Three Rivers Services family works hard to help Northshore homeowners have the best of the best in heating and air solutions, while making their investments in new A/C systems as affordable as possible. While a new heater or air conditioner can be costly, we work with financing partners to help spread that cost over
              Homeowners in Mandeville, Convington, and throughout the Northshore are always looking for ways to save on their energy bills during our hot and humid Southeastern Louisiana summers.  Well, the team here are Three Rivers Services has you covered. As Heating and AC experts who’ve been helping homeowners on
As we dive head first into Spring and the temperatures start to creep into the 70’s and above, we get our first taste of the all too familiar humidity we’ve come to know in South Louisiana. We’ve all been here before and everybody has their own unique way of dealing with it. But what about
It’s maintenance season folks! That magical time in between the suffocating heat of summer and the bone chilling humid cold snaps that come along with “winter” here in Louisiana – FALL! But what does that actually mean? Why should you maintain your A/C unit and what does Fall maintenance consist of? Here’s the 411 on