Would you consider yourself pretty familiar with the zoning of your house? No, we’re not talking about being a whiz of commercial versus residential or developing properties. We’re not even thinking about constructing or building at all. Instead, we’re referring to a relatively new heating and cooling system, designed for your utmost comfort. To become
Have you switched your HVAC system from A/C to heat for the season? Or you constantly switching back to AC? A lot of homeowners wonder when they should switch their system between heating and cooling. Because it all depends on the size of your house, the efficiency of your HVAC system, and your geographical location,
You rely on your home to provide you with shelter as a safe, comfortable place to live and enjoy life. It protects you from the elements and helps you to weather the storms of life. But you probably don’t think much about your HVAC system until it’s time for repairs, maintenance or an upgrade. However,
Sweater weather is just around the corner! We’re falling back into cooler weather at last. Best of all, it’s time to turn off the AC and turn on the heat. But before you put the fan on blast, make sure your heater is functioning at its very best. Running the heater before it’s prepped and
You probably already know a bit about surge protectors. These devices are designed to prevent voltage spikes, which can damage electronics and electrical equipment. Anyone who has had their TV or computer fried by a sudden surge in voltage knows how important these protectors are. They work by limiting the amount of voltage supplied to
Avoiding hurricanes is a lofty goal for those of us in the Louisiana area. Unfortunately, we can be pretty certain that if our house wasn’t hit last year, it probably will be this year. Thankfully, there are things we can do to protect our homes and reduce the damage as much as possible. Protect yourself
A house that you can control digitally isn’t much of a daydream anymore. WiFi and smart thermostats are popping up in homes across the country. Like all things techy and shiny, one has probably already caught your eye. These smart devices proclaim to save you money, time and energy while maintaining the perfect temperature in
The quest to reduce household monthly expenses is something with which most homeowners are familiar. You turn off the lights when you leave a room. You try to keep your thermostat set a degree or two warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter. You may have even invested in CFL light bulbs and
Did you know that a water heater that is improperly taken care of could literally become a bomb? While you may think that is just an urban legend, or a rumor to make sure people pay attention to maintaining their water heaters, it isn’t a myth! Water heaters can pose significant danger without proper maintenance.

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