It’s that time of year again when many businesses attempt to make any remaining large (and tax write-off-eligible) purchases before the new year begins. If you’re one of those businesses, then this time of year is particularly attractive to purchase and install a new heating system. The following is a quick guide to choosing the
There are some out there whose favorite season is wintertime. (You can usually find such folks living up north, unsurprisingly.) There’s something about winter weather – the cold, the snow and gray skies – that reminds some people of nature and what it must have been like before modern conveniences such as heating and insulation.
Contrary to what most people think, south Louisiana can get pretty cold in the depths of winter – and ice & snow have been known to occur (though not nearly to the likelihood or degree that it does in, say, Minnesota!) This time of year is perfect for looking into a new heating system, as

Now Is The Time to Update!

Welcome to a New Season We’ve been enjoying this cooler weather, as after this summer’s heat we could all use a break! With the changing of the seasons comes cooler weather, but also looking forward to the holiday season & time spent with those we love. Another thing that most of us start thinking about
Homeowners are used to air conditioning units making some type of sound while operating, especially when first turning them on after being off for a while. (Though during Louisiana summers, is there really ever a time we don’t have the air conditioner running?) However, there are some sounds that your air conditioner should not be

Get Smart This Storm Season

As the height of storm season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about protecting your home from power surges. Most people know to turn off their computers during a lightning storm. You may be surprised to learn that power surges harm air conditioners as well. The safest thing to do when a storm starts up
Does your electric bill leave you with steam coming out of your ears? For Louisiana residents, air conditioning is crucial to staying comfortable in the summer. But as demand increases during the warmer months, your electric bill often shoots up in response. A higher than expected bill can leave anyone feeling a little, well, hot
How often have you thought of the water heater for your home? For most people, if it works, we don’t give it a second thought! But here’s something to think about: do you like saving money? If so, you have probably seen the new tankless on-demand water heaters and wondered what makes them a money-saver,
Who wouldn’t want their air conditioning system to last as long as possible? These units perform an important role in keeping our homes comfortable, and in Louisiana, they’re downright essential. But did you know that your home maintenance habits can make a real difference in how long your A/C system lasts? Keep your air conditioner

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