We get it… NOBODY wants to deal with a hard sell. For anything. Forget shopping for a home AC system. People don’t want to be “sold” anything these days. As a result, people tend to avoid the “free, in-home inspection” when looking around for A/C systems because they think they know what’s coming… We hear
Time to replace your AC?
No one WANTS to replace major equipment in their home like an AC system sooner than they need to. And given the choice, it usually makes sense to spend a few hundred bucks repairing something if it gets you a few extra years. But if you’ve been in that pattern for awhile, it’s probably time
Well, we’ve certainly had our share of cold winter weather these past few months in South Louisiana, haven’t we? With the snow and ice, you’d think we’ve all moved up North! Just as important – or maybe even more so – as it is to wrap your pipes on cold winter nights, there are some
Have you been told that your HVAC ductwork is very dirty? Do you have someone in your home with serious allergies to dust, pet dander, mildew, mold or fungi who never seems to feel good, even after your ducts are cleaned? While cleaning ductwork is a great way to remediate some of these issues, in

The Great Air Filter Debate

Just like your father told you to, “Check your oil every month,” when you got your first car, when you first moved out on your own, he likely also told you to, “Change your air filter every other month.” It’s one of those things we simply know to do so that our AC units run

Why Maintain Your AC System?

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