Today, more and more Northshore homeowners are replacing their traditional AC systems with new variable speed air conditioners like this one from TRANE. At Three Rivers Services, we’ve helped several homeowners just like you in Mandeville, Covington, Slidell, and beyond make the switch to these new systems.  But what’s the difference between a traditional home
                  Does it seem like you need to run your home’s A/C system 24/7 to stay cool, calm, and collected in Mandeville, Covington, or the Northshore during the summer? There’s a few common reasons that could be causing this. Read on to learn more. Is Your A/C
              Homeowners in Mandeville, Convington, and throughout the Northshore are always looking for ways to save on their energy bills during our hot and humid Southeastern Louisiana summers.  Well, the team here are Three Rivers Services has you covered. As Heating and AC experts who’ve been helping homeowners on
We get it… replacing your AC might not seem like “fun” at first. But it can be!😄 If you’ve been living with a noisy, rusty and often-broken AC system, getting your new one installed might be more fun than you think. Here are 4 pleasant surprises our customers tell us about: That “New Car Feeling”
Trane Tesla
People are often in a state of stress when they call to ask for an estimate on a new AC system. It’s easy to understand why… New AC systems aren’t cheap, and there’s a good chance it’s been awhile since you’ve bought one so it’s not a process we’re accustomed to. But instead of being
As we dive head first into Spring and the temperatures start to creep into the 70’s and above, we get our first taste of the all too familiar humidity we’ve come to know in South Louisiana. We’ve all been here before and everybody has their own unique way of dealing with it. But what about
The Three Rivers Services team is a group of committed professionals serving our community through a culture of family values. Which is why you can always find us out and about, giving back to our local and world community however and whenever we can. Check out the upcoming events below and join us in our
Homeowners in Hammond and St. Tammany Parish, you know that sometimes your AC just doesn’t work properly in one specific area of your house. And it makes that space extremely uncomfortable during our hot and humid summers. It’s no secret, hot air rises. Maybe you have a room upstairs that faces the midday sun, and
Heating your home during the winter months can be costly and can financially burden already struggling families. Even in Louisiana, our wild winter weather means that our furnaces AND our AC units may be running off and on throughout the winter months. In addition, the intense humidity in Louisiana can make heating your home even

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